4 June 2020

BMD supports North Queensland communities through creation of 600 jobs

At a time when jobs across the country are hard to come by, BMD is proud to deliver direct employment for approximately 600 people through delivery of civil works related to the Carmichael Rail Network.

The majority of workforce will come from Rockhampton and Townsville, with the engagement of local suppliers and subcontractors also generating indirect employment through the supply chain and local community.

The award of the Carmichael Rail Network project builds on BMD’s proud history of providing opportunities for people and communities in North Queensland for more than 25 years, with offices located in Townsville, Cairns and Mackay, and Emerald in Central Queensland.

Supporting employees and their families through secure employment is a priority for BMD and the Carmichael Rail Network project provides this security, as well as development and upskilling opportunities to our employees to progress their careers upon project completion.

BMD’s civil works component includes delivery of earthworks, drainage, bridges, rail camp construction and associated road upgrades.

Aligning with BMD’s core capability, the award of the Carmichael Rail Network civil works package demonstrates a proven reputation for the successful delivery of complex projects while adhering to rigorous regulatory and approval processes.

The award of this contract is recognition of the capability and capacity of Australian contractors and provides a boost for the economy, our teams, supply chain and the communities in which we operate.

With a long history of supporting local communities, projects such as the Carmichael Rail Network offer BMD the opportunity to continue to demonstrate our commitment to North Queensland.

For more information, view Adani’s announcement.

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