Construction models and integrated strategy

The BMD Group is proud of our ability to build long-term client relationships and secure repeat business, which has been the foundation of BMD’s successes since its inception.

We are committed to delivering the highest standards of quality, service and value for money for our clients. Our strategy is simple: value our people, collaborate with our partners and continue to deliver exceptional projects with sustainable outcomes through expertise and knowledge sharing.

Our client’s projects are protected by our management systems, strong balance sheet and prudent financial management.

Integrated delivery model

BMD Group consists of five 100% owned divisions, providing flexibility to offer individual and integrated capabilities across urban and land development, asset management and civil construction.

This integrated delivery enables specialist project teams to be developed by drawing on the skills and capability from across all business units, providing a valuable offering for a range of clients.

Vertical integration strategy

BMD’s unique offering lies in our business units working in vertical integration with one another to offer client driven teams who deliver value for money and innovative engineering solutions through collaboration.

Our strategy provides clients with fast and effective decision making as well as upskilling and sharing of lessons learnt to produce positive outcomes including expediated delivery timeframes and defect free products at practical completion.

By ostensibly approaching projects as a vertically integrated single unit, margin on margin costs are reduced, local resources are leveraged, and program delays are met with solutions rather than requesting extensions of time.

Project delivery models

The BMD Group has expertise and experience working across a range of project delivery models including:

  • alliances and joint ventures
  • balance of plant (BoP)
  • construct only
  • construction management
  • design and construction
  • early contractor involvement
  • public private partnerships (PPPs).