Western Australia


Main Roads Western Australia


October 2015 - August 2016


$6.6 million




The scope of work included:

  • demolition of the existing 13 span, timber piled bridge
  • establishment of a 70 metre long casting bed with concrete supports for the incremental launch of steel and concrete bridge sections
  • installation of alternative temporary piers at the 25 metre mid-span to assist with the launch of the bridge sections
  • construction of concrete bridge deck, wing walls, back walls and approach slabs at the abutments
  • launch of the steel and concrete composite bridge structure in two launch events of 50 metre span lengths weighing in excess of 3000 tonnes
  • installation of drainage and sub-surface drainage
  • installation of rock armour to abutment slopes
  • construction of new pavements and seal surfacing
  • revegetation and landscaping works.


Design and construction of the bridge was approached in collaboration with Main Roads Western Australia, delivering an innovative incremental launch technique, a first for Western Australia. The project site was limited to a tight footprint and works were carefully planned and staged to ensure continual progress, successfully launching the first 50 metre span of the structure in May 2016. This milestone, along with the fast tracked schedule resulted in the delivery of all project objectives including on time and within budget.