New South Wales


Wagga Wagga City Council


February 2019 – September 2020


$10.6 million




The scope of work included:

  • street lighting adjustment
  • demolition works
  • 6,000m3 of widening of approaches earthworks
  • 8,000m2 of clearing and grubbing of existing batters earthworks
  • precast bridge plank installation with elastomeric bearings
  • plant post tensioning
  • bridge deck construction using custom designs cantilever temporary works
  • modification to the existing abutments and approach slab construction
  • expansion joint installation
  • existing structure rectification including abutments crack injection and partial reconstruction
  • pavement construction
  • asphalt resurfacing
  • installation of guard rails, road safety barriers and road signage
  • line marking
  • revegetation and landscaping works.


In the early tender stages, BMD proposed an alternate design which provided the client with cost and time savings. The solution involved undertaking a full closure to allow the entire existing bridge deck to be demolished down to the headstocks which were then strengthened and rehabilitated prior to the placement of new planks, pouring of a unique cantilever deck and placement of new bridge rails. Innovative temporary works designs including counterweighted platform systems and deck cantilever formwork allowed for easy and modular access to the works from above, with the overall design removing the requirement for construction to occur in a narrow road corridor adjacent to live traffic.
The project team also donated 95% of the concrete material from the demolished structure to local businesses for reuse.

No contamination of the Murrumbidgee River occurred as a result of an innovative debris catching system implemented by BMD. The slinging geofabric/tarp/wire mesh structure was attached beneath each span to catch any falling concrete or concrete slurry. This approach negated the need for boats or a barge in the waterway, and instead utilised the flow of the river to transport ropes under the bridge used to secure the capture structure. The system successfully achieved environmental outcomes while also providing an additional safety measure with the system acting as further fall protection.