Townsville City Council


June 2019 – July 2020


$30 million




The scope of work included:

  • 15 kilometres of DN1800 SN8000 rubber ring jointed GRP pipe
  • 115 metres of DN18000 SN20000 laminated jointed pipe across Majors Creek
  • 76 metres of DN1800 SN20000 laminated jointed pipe under Woodstock Giru Road corridor
  • 292 metres of DN1800 SN20000 rubber ring jointed pipe
  • construction of two isolation valve pits including installation of DN1400 mild steel concrete lined (MSCL) pipework and fittings
  • construction of 19 thrust blocks (bored piles and non-piled)
  • ancillary works consisting of air and scour valve pipes including concrete precast and cast in-situ chambers
  • respreading of topsoil and pipeline furniture.


The project’s construction began off the back of a large flood event in 2019, with the team successfully overcoming challenging ground conditions and managing interfaces with other construction contractors working along the alignment at the same time.

As a local business committed to collaborative contracting, BMD maximised the region’s resources while achieving value for money and best-for-project outcomes. As part of the project, BMD engaged over 90 businesses, equating to approximately $28 million spent locally. During construction 90 full time jobs were created, and 92% of the total inducted workers were from the Townsville region.

The project was successfully completed under budget, with BMD providing approximately $700,000 in savings for the client through design innovations.