South Australia


Kangaroo Island Council


January 2017 - December 2017


$7.5 million




Building on extensive national air and landside infrastructure experience, as principal contractor, BMD Constructions successfully delivered the upgrade’s airside component, lifting the facility to International Air Transport Association (IATA) Class C Standards.

The airside scope of works included:

  • extension and overlay of Runway 01/19
  • realignment and overlay of Taxiway A
  • extension and overlay of apron pavements
  • three-coat (14/7/3) spray seal
  • installation of 1200 millimetre x 600 millimetre reinforced concrete box culverts
  • installation of precast concrete cover slabs over existing stormwater infrastructure
  • upgrade and extension of existing edge lighting and apron flood-lighting
  • removal of existing AT-VASIS and provision of new PAPI navigational aids
  • upgrade of airside control room and provision of three-phase power bollards
  • modification of existing grated inlet pits and provision of flame trap pits (refuelling bays)
  • earthworks including swales beyond extent of site.


From project commencement, BMD worked collaboratively with Council in the delivery of highly innovative engineering solutions within a live air-side environment, whilst managing the interest and expectations of an invested regional community. Execution of specified inspection and testing regimes allowed for the mobilisation of specialised plant and equipment including a marco-roller, one of just a handful in use across Australia.

The project was entirely unique in the sense that works were performed on an island of less than 5,000 people. Logistical and procurement challenges extended beyond regional locality to the management of shipping, to ensure construction plant and personnel were mobilised to site in a logical and timely progression. This allowed safety to be a constant priority with the project recording over 22,000 hours lost time injury free.

Bringing a combination of local knowledge and national excellence in air-side infrastructure, BMD harnessed the benefits of utilising local subcontractors and suppliers and through upskilling left a legacy post construction. With 77% of the contract spent locally in South Australia and 16.2% directly on the island, the project injected employment opportunities across the island beyond plant and labour hire to electrical and plumbing services and the provision of construction materials.

The upgrade has allowed for 74 seat turbo-prop Cityflyer aircraft as well as 100-120 seat regional jets, activating new markets and establishing direct flights between Sydney, Melbourne and the island. The increased capacity will ultimately address commercial limitations experienced through historical time and logistical restrictions.