September 2019 - current


$35 million


In progress


As part of BMD’s scope of works, the plant’s 20 filter cells are being refurbished, including installation of a new underdrain system and filter media. Concrete remediation works on the filter water cells and filters is also occurring, and the existing filter control system, dosing control system, and backwash main are being upgraded. More than 100 valves and actuators are being replaced and upgraded and a new air scour system, including blowers and air headers, is also being installed as part of the underdrain system.


Our expertise in delivering complex water and wastewater projects, coupled with prior experience delivering works at the Mount Crosby Water Treatment Plant, as well as BMD’s competitive price, led to the client seeking BMD’s assistance to collaboratively plan and sequence works and deliver exceptional design and construction solutions.

The project team developed several innovative temporary works designs to improve safety and remove the need for manual handling including the design, supply and implementation of bespoke access stairs, custom made gantry cranes, templates for core drilling works, and an underdrain lifting rig.

The project’s complexity has involved high-risk activities including working in confined spaces, working at heights, people/plant interaction, and crane operations. Construction is occurring on a brownfield site, with the plant needing to remain operational, adding further complexity with respect to close interaction between BMD and operations and maintenance staff. Project team members have undertaken a significant amount of training to ensure the ongoing safety of workers within the limited operational footprint.

Environmental excellence has also been a priority, with construction water contained within the work front and incorporated into a temporary water treatment plant prior to its discharge.

With more than 95% of the workforce sourced locally and a high representation of apprentices engaged, the project is providing a long-term reliable potable water solution for Seqwater and their customers, while delivering employment opportunities for South East Queensland locals.