Department of Defence


May 2019 - December 2020


$40 million




The scope of work included:

  • profiling 97,000m2 of existing asphalt and spray seal surface
  • import and placement of 100,000 tonnes of gravel
  • construction of 17 helicopter parking bays
  • supply and installation of 105,000m2 of asphalt pavement
  • application of fuel resistant membrane around concrete parking bays perimeter
  • installation of new stormwater infrastructure including SPEL stormceptors, flametrap pits, stormwater pits, channel and drain, and reinforced concrete pipes
  • installation of two precast headwalls and rock protection at stormwater outlets
  • installation of new aeronautical ground lighting light fittings, series isolation transformer (SIT) and D25 pits, cables, constant current regulators (CCR’s), new field circuits, and deep and shallow base cans and associated conduit network for the primary cable route
  • installation of new primary duct bank across the apron
  • 9000 metres of linemarking
  • landscaping works including topsoil, turf and hydromulch.


BMD Constructions worked closely with stakeholders. to build a new helicopter sloped training facility on the base. The project team also developed a strategy to manage the risk associated with water runoff on unsealed/exposed soil and/or gravel. The approach was a combination of erosion and sediment controls, staging of the works to minimise exposure, and covering of exposed materials with clean imported fill or other waterproof stabilisers. An initiative was adopted to utilise precast airfield class stormwater pits, which reduced the duration of open trench excavation, and accelerated stormwater installation.