CPB Contractors


February 2017 – November 2019


$60 million




The scope of works included:

  • construction of 100,000m2 of high strength concrete pavement for the new apron and throughout the hangar maintenance facility
  • upgrade of the taxiway pavement to high strength pavement
  • construction of 20,000m2 of asphalt and higher mass limit pavement
  • construction of a new perimeter road to new ordinance store and countermeasures store
  • installation of refuelling hydrants to each bay
  • installation of a 2.2 megalitre tank with pumps
  • construction of internal hangar footings, structural drainage trenches, flame traps, and slabs
  • construction of high security fencing.


BMD Constructions was proactive in addressing unforeseen ground conditions. Early discussions and transparency with the client enabled timely, cost effective solutions to be engineered and ensured best for project outcomes.

BMD Constructions’ project team identified an opportunity to reuse 14,000 tonnes of gravel, which was originally scoped to be removed from the site. By reusing the material, the project team increased the quality of all access tracks throughout the base and saved on costs originally associated with the removal of the material from site.

As a result of BMD Constructions’ collaborative approach to contracting, and extensive experience working in airside and live operating environments, the project was successfully completed within program and to all Defence specifications.