Jeff Gallus

CEO - PrimeBMD

B.Eng (Civil), Accredited WHSO, GAICD, FIEAust, CPEng

Jeff’s career of more than 25 years is characterised by collaboration, teamwork and a practical, outcomes based approach. After 14 years overseeing major infrastructure projects within Victoria and New South Wales, Jeff relocated to the Philippines to establish BMD’s international entity, PrimeBMD. As CEO, Jeff is responsible for the entity’s strategic growth to ensure BMD’s construction management systems are successfully implemented, and provides governance, project controls, a safety focus and innovation in construction methodology that differentiates BMD’s approach within the market.

Under Jeff’s leadership PrimeBMD has grown from 2 Filipino employees to a total number of 57 employees in engineering and professional roles, and an additional 20 direct employees in field supervision or skills labour roles. Through his collaborative nature and positive leadership, Jeff has assisted to instill a strong culture around BMD’s family values, leading to a high performing team. Since establishment in early 2017, PrimeBMD has acquired over 300M Peso in plant and equipment and established a maintenance and storage yard at Laguna to add strength to the company’s capability and surety of delivery to their client base.