Simone Gooding

General Manager - Finance and Audit

Grad Dip CA B.Com

Since joining BMD in 2006, Simone has become an invaluable member of the team, playing an important role in the company’s strategic financial planning and ensuring tax and accounting compliance requirements are met.

As a manager with a participative leadership style, Simone values the input from her team members and believes including her peers in the decision making process leads to better outcomes and constant improvements in processes.

During her time at BMD, Simone has been instrumental in improving end of month processes, leading the way in implementing new software to enable better reporting functionality.

When BMD expanded to the Philippines in 2017, Simone played a key role in ensuring the company’s smooth transition to international operations. More recently, she has assisted in the development and implementation of automation and artificial intelligence tools which are being used across finance functions including financial reporting, tax and accounts payable. Specifically, Simone has championed BMD’s use of an automated invoice registration system, the automation of financial accounts and cash flow statements, and the use of machine learning for tax compliance.