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BMD was founded on the principle of achieving success through people. We value each individual and empower, support and encourage them. It’s our positive approach and self belief that enables us to achieve as individuals, as a team and as a business. We are currently committed to a wide range of projects throughout Australia and encourage applications from all candidates.

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Training and Development

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BMD demonstrates our commitment to employees through a range of practical, forward thinking and focused initiatives, including both formal and informal training and development opportunities, as follows:

Tertiary Education: BMD encourages employees to undertake further study in areas such as civil engineering, accounting, law, business administration, human resources and marketing. A number of employees have gone on to masters studies both nationally and internationally.

Traineeships / Apprenticeships: BMD supports and encourages our team to undertake further training and professional development. These programs include Certificate 3 and 4 in Civil Construction, including pipe laying, road construction/maintenance and bridge and marine construction.

PDP Chartered Status for Engineers: In conjunction with Engineers Australia, BMD provides staff with a systematic program of professional development to achieve Chartered Status – the pinnacle of independent practice for engineers, and a passport to international recognition and new career opportunities with BMD. This formally recognised agreement is applicable to all types of engineering work.

Our commitment to providing ongoing personal and professional development opportunities for our staff extends across all disciplines with full subsidy of relevant approved courses, supported by a genuine desire to see all BMD Group employees realise their full potential of engineering work.

BMD's commitment to its staff and local communities is definitely what sets it apart from its competitors. The beauty of a company this size is that it is large enough to win the large jobs but still small enough that your managers know you by name. James Smith, Project Manager, BMD Constructions


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We strive to create a flexible and people focused work environment for all our staff. With this in mind, we are able to offer graduate employees:

  • A real job with a real support mechanism where your individual contribution is invited and respected;
  • The opportunity to excel and to demonstrate your capability and willingness to contribute; and
  • A work environment that is flexible and individually focused while still providing countless and diverse opportunities.

We welcome dedicated people who are innovative and career-minded and are looking for team members who share our commitment to responsible work practices and whose ethics are closely aligned with our values and culture.

We are flexible in our approach to commencement dates following completion of your degree and will work with you to personalise a mutually beneficial program. We encourage you to apply for graduate employment with BMD, by emailing your CV and application to careers@bmd.com.au

Vacation Employment

The BMD Group also provides vacation employment to students in the early years of their tertiary studies. We believe vacation employment provides a platform from which you can launch your graduate and full time career in the workforce through the practical application of the knowledge and skills you acquire during your tertiary education.

Vacation employment is hands-on and adds another dimension to your education where you can readily apply what you have learnt in a supportive and challenging real world environment. You will work alongside experienced staff who will provide support and ongoing feedback on your progress. Vacation employment with the BMD Group provides an ideal opportunity for you to test your career aspirations, develop your skills and participate in exciting projects throughout the country.

20 Year Club

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Established in 2009, the 20 Year Club recognises long term employees and their commitment to BMD Group. The club currently hosts over 45 members with new appointees inducted yearly at a celebratory event hosted by Mick Power AM.

The 20 Year Club is closely aligned with the BMD Group values, in particular the value of ‘family’ which aims to create a sense of belonging and recognises the company’s heritage.