Delivering solutions to cut travel times and keep our communities connected

Since 1979, BMD has been delivering complex transport infrastructure projects, ranging in value and contractual arrangement. We are experts in engineering, roads and highways, bridges and structures and tunnelling works to deliver solutions which connect communities anywhere in Australia.

We harness the expertise of our people and use technology to minimise environmental impacts, recycle materials and deliver to current construction requirements. Our tireless efforts in communicating with stakeholders keeps residents and business fully informed and connected during our essential construction works. We hold the highest level of road and bridgework prequalification and third-party accredited management systems in safety, environment and quality.

Roads and highways

We provide comprehensive and innovative solutions to improve congestion, reduce travel time and support future expansion on road and highway projects across the country. Our project portfolio includes metropolitan and regional roadworks, complex highways, motorway interchanges and duplications. We are experienced in pavements of all specifications including roads, highways, carriageway construction, surfacing, drainage and PUP, car parks pathways, intersections, and both soft and hard landscaping. We have reduced bottlenecks across several freeways in and out of Perth city, delivered 45 kilometres of overtaking lanes from the Queensland to Victorian border and future proofing and flood recovery works post natural disaster events.

We have a network of strategically located quarry and manufacturing plants across the country which gives us direct access to the materials we need. And if the project is in the middle of nowhere, we have the resources to set up asphalt and batching plants to ensure we can meet quality specifications.

Through highly experienced personnel, strong management systems and an uncompromised commitment to excellence, we deliver quality and engineered road projects on time and safely, no matter its size or scope.

Bridge and structures

We pride ourselves on evolving construction methods and delivering value-adds to reduce traffic impact within highly trafficked urban corridors, reduce construction schedules, improve the life span of structures, involve communities within remote and regional locations or reduce maintenance costs.

Our capability is in all elements of bridge construction from the supply of precast concrete elements, to casting in-situ, and self supporting bridge structures built using the cantilever method, to incrementally launching bridges to alleviate environmental impact or ease access requirements. Our solid history in delivering bridge infrastructure spans challenging environments including over rail and water, within complex road overpasses, high trafficked urban corridors or remote locations.

We have a skilled and experienced bridge crew who constantly look for innovative methods to improve productivity, safety and quality outcomes. This has led to the initiation of parapet stitch chutes which roll along the top of parapets and chute concrete into the stitch forms, and the creation of parapet claws to aid in the landing of parapets.

Tunnelling and underground

Our tunnelling and underground expertise encompasses every size, technology and technique from HDD, micro-tunnelling and pipe jacking, through to sequential drill and blast, mechanical excavation and the use of tunnel boring machines and techniques. We have successfully delivered transport, underpass, utility and underground structures in hard, rock, soft ground and underwater environments. Our dedicated team has specialist knowledge on the right technology and method to get the job done safely. We hold the world record TBM excavation performance by two 12.4m diameter double shield TBMs in a 24 hour period.