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BMD Athlete Employment Program

BMD is proud to be Australia’s largest privately owned civil contractor.

We’re striving to lead the way in diversifying our industry by offering an inclusive and flexible workplace for women to build a career in construction.

Infrastructure in today’s climate is more critical to our economy than ever before, and in a booming environment there’s never been a better opportunity to start a career in an industry which is rewarding in every sense.

At BMD, we’re a team. And teams come in all shapes and sizes. We know your priority is your sporting career. And with this comes your commitment to your training and playing.

BMD has a vast array of partnerships across various codes of sport, from AFL to NRL, soccer and most recently netball. The creation of the BMD Athlete Employment program provides a way to deepen and broaden our partnerships by offering opportunities for athletes outside of sport.

Our flexibility allows you to be the best on and off the field or court, sets you up for a career after sport and provides you with even more support and development.


Score a career

In construction we need employees who work as part of a team, who can think differently, bring unique perspective and excel under pressure.


As a natural leader and a team player coming into construction, we know you have so much to bring and will be a positive role model for young women and school aged children to aspire to. This is exactly what the construction industry needs.

Construction is so much more than you think it is! You can score goals in our team across a plethora of options from office to site based roles right across the east coast. Our benefits range from variations to work hours, job sharing and more.

If you have transferrable skills, are studying anything from the following or are keen to find a pathway into our industry, we want to talk to you so you can score a job with us.

Athlete Employment

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BMD Athlete Employment