Our vision

Across all our businesses and the locations in which we operate, BMD demonstrates a high level of commitment to employees who support our belief that ‘our business is our people’. This dedication generates a loyalty that is evidenced through the solid growth of BMD’s resource base, the high calibre of staff and number of long serving employees within the organisation. What makes BMD different is its value system, unique culture and general commitment to all staff.

As BMD continues to grow and expand, our culture and relationship based approach to projects remains our point of difference. By valuing our people, collaborating with our partners and delivering exceptional projects with sustainable outcomes, our organisation continues to be supported by our loyal client base.


The BMD Group was established on a set of values that are still apparent throughout the business today. These values are the essence of the BMD Group’s brand, and will continue to be the foundation of the company’s future success.

BMD’s values include:

We are proud of our family company heritage. This heritage means we value each individual, we respect and encourage diversity and we create and promote a sense of belonging.


We empower our people to develop the self-belief that will enable them to realise their potential. The resulting flexibility, initiative and responsiveness sustain our business growth and success.


We persist despite the obstacles. We celebrate effort as well as achievement and we are tenacious in our pursuit of the objective.


We work as a team in the belief that collaborative achievement results in creative relationships of long term mutual benefit. Our no-blame culture focuses on finding what works best, sharing success and enjoying the experience.

Striving to do better

We aspire to be the best at what we do through fresh thinking, hard work, continual learning and a shared sense of purpose. We take great pride in our achievements.