Community Infrastructure

Delivering infrastructure needs to bring communities together.

BMD pride ourselves on our ability to transform spaces into iconic, usable precincts, bringing communities together. Our capabilities include streetscapes, major upgrades to public spaces, community precincts within subdivisional estates, bikeways and sporting facilities.

Our comprehensive knowledge of local specifications, statutory requirements, planning and environmental legislation, and government policies ensures the consistent delivery of innovative projects on time and on budget.

We have the resources and experience to deliver projects ranging in size and complexity through our integrated group of companies to provide the optimum level of service to our clients. Our commitment to understanding our clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations remains the same, regardless of the project’s size or value.

Stakeholder and community management

Working in public spaces involves construction in highly urbanised areas and significant interaction with local communities. Stakeholder and community relations is identified as the role and responsibility of everyone that is involved in the delivery of BMD projects, not just the community relations team. BMD works with clients to ensure projects have sufficient stakeholder management plans and the resources needed to lead positive engagement outcomes.