Our Vision

Across all our businesses and the locations in which we operate, BMD demonstrates a high level of commitment to employees who support our belief that ‘our business is our people’. This dedication generates a loyalty that is evidenced through the solid growth of BMD’s resource base, the high calibre of staff and number of long serving employees within the organisation. What makes BMD different is its value system, unique culture and general commitment to all staff.

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Health, Safety, Environment & Quality

BMD takes a holistic approach to health, safety, environmental and quality management in line with BMD’s vision, and in particular, our family value. This is demonstrated through ensuring ourselves, our work mates, our families, and everyone who comes into our care is not harmed at work.

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Corporate Sustainability

At BMD we integrate environmental and social considerations in the way we do business and deliver certainty for the communities in which we operate. Stewardship of the environment and our communities has always been a priority. We are committed to working with local communities and leaving a lasting legacy through the infrastructure, employment and training we deliver.

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BMD is committed to supporting the communities in which we operate. We work in partnership with Indigenous and non-Indigenous organisations who embody our values to achieve long lasting benefits in areas including health and wellbeing, arts and culture, job creation, environment, and social and community development.

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