Training & Development

Our commitment to our employees is demonstrated through a range of practical, forward thinking and focused initiatives. During your career at BMD there will be a range of training and development opportunities including:

Chartered Status for Engineers

In conjunction with Engineers Australia, BMD provides staff with a systematic program of professional development to achieve Chartered Status – the pinnacle independent practice for engineers, and a passport to international recognition and new career opportunities with BMD.

This formally recognised agreement is applicable to all types of engineering work and in 2018, BMD signed a landmark agreement with Engineers Australia which will see the largest single intake ever for chartered professional engineers in the private sector.

BMD is proud to be an industry leader in professional development, with this unique agreement an important investment in the careers of our engineers.

BMD is committed to providing professional development opportunities across all disciplines with full subsidies available for relevant approved courses.

Fortitude Program

In 2015, BMD launched our first emerging leaders program ‘Fortitude’. Due to its success, 2017 saw another 16 employees from around the country commence the leadership development program.

Over 18 months, the participants complete a range of modules on topics including risk management, communication, culture and safety leadership, program expertise and contract strength. The program has set the expectations for leadership in the business and provides prerequisite training and mentoring, through the utilisation of our most senior representatives within the BMD Group.

Junior Development Program

Based on the success of the Fortitude Program, BMD has seen the true benefits of investing in our people, enrolling graduates into a junior leadership course with Engineers Australia.

The program is designed to unlock our graduate engineers’ full potential by developing their business management skills through communication, teamwork, networking, self-management, emotional judgement and leadership.


Established in 2016, Constructionarium Australia is a new initiative to develop practically minded engineers. Founded by BMD and Aurecon, the program involves participants working in teams to construct scaled down versions of iconic bridges, dams and civil engineering projects from all around the world. Through the program, participants gain hands-on experience of civil engineering construction as well as developing teamwork and management skills.

As well as being involved in the company’s establishment and ongoing operation, BMD utilises the Constructionarium Australia program to provide BMD’s early career engineers the opportunity to translate engineering theory into practice by planning, tendering, building and handing over scale projects. Six of BMD’s young engineers took part in Constructionarium Australia’s pilot program which saw a group of 18 engineers successfully construct a 9 metre tall version of the iconic Barcelona Tower.

BMD’s involvement in the Constructionarium Australia program illustrates our commitment to developing our people through vital “hands-on” experience and we look forward to being part of the program’s continued development.

For more information, visit the Australia website.