Dare Awards

The BMD Dare Awards are designed to recognise and reward employees who have demonstrated outstanding performance and contributed significantly to the company’s success.

As a unique family oriented organisation, BMD wanted to acknowledge effort that goes above and beyond expectation, reward excellent performance, and provide an incentive for innovation.

The first Dare Awards were held in 2013, with over 200 nominations and the presentation of 24 awards to BMD employees. In 2020, we presented 17 awards and received over 1,100 nominations from employees recognising their peers for outstanding commitment to the business.

Following peer nomination, nominees are shortlisted by senior management before being presented to the Board who carefully consider each finalist before selecting the award winners. The award decision process demonstrates BMD’s Collaborative value which sees a team of peers, senior management and Board representatives work together to recognise and reward our high achieving employees.

Named after Mick Power’s father, Dare, the awards recognise his contribution to the establishment of BMD. The name also reflects the different approach of our business, which has been central to our success, and dares us to question, to change, to innovate, to be flexible and embrace new challenges.