17 February 2023

BMD Constructions awarded Molonglo River Bridge Crossing and John Gorton Drive extension contract

BMD Constructions is proud to be awarded the longest weathering steel bridge project in Australia, the Molonglo River Bridge in Canberra.

The $172 million contract involves the construction of a 227.5 metre-long, steel girder bridge, 1.7 kilometres of new arterial roads and five new intersections.

A critical missing link for an arterial road network, the bridge will better connect the growing suburbs of Molonglo and West Belconnen to the rest of Canberra. It will also remove issues associated with the existing alignment including narrow roadway and steep gradients making the area subject to closure during flooding.

At BMD, we are proud of our relationship-based approach to business which sees us heavily focused on employing locally. Having been heavily engrained in the Australian Capital Territory for over 15 years, we have a local office and team, and we will engage our local supply chain to deliver this major project and promote regional growth.

Together with our design partners GHD, pitt&sherry and COWI, it will be all hands on deck as we deliver the project by late 2025.

For more on the project, visit ACT Government website.

Photo credit: ACT Government

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