24 September 2021

BMD engages local First Nations artist and business to create and manufacture a bespoke PPE shirt

Recently, BMD’s National Indigenous Program Manager, Dart Johnson engaged Kabi Kabi/Wakka Wakka/Koa/Yuin artist, Stevie O’Chin, to create a bespoke PPE shirt, which represents our unique approach to business – what we call the BMD way.

Dart was inspired by Luke Penrith’s Bloodlines PPE shirt, which he has seen spark conversations about diversity and inclusion on BMD project sites. He decided to take BMD down a similar path, and commissioned First Nations artist, Stevie to create the design. The shirt is called Bu’ra’ngam, which translates in Kabi Kabi language to hearing, knowing, thinking and understanding.

Stevie elaborates, “This shirt represents these fundamentals of life. Hearing creates awareness, knowing is learning. Thinking harnesses change. Understanding brings change.”

This collaboration was brought about through BMD’s go-to workwear provider, Reali Supply and their collaboration with Kabi Kabi/Wakka Wakka man, Michael Grundon of GaWun Supplies, who are manufacturing our new shirts.

BMD is very proud that this initiative has supported a local First Nations artist and business. It remains at the forefront of BMD’s approach to business to encourage relationships, respect, and opportunities to contribute towards our reconciliation journey.

It is our shared hope that these Bu’ra’ngam shirts will encourage awareness and respect on our project sites and will promote to our employees, clients, partners and communities our commitment to driving mutually beneficial outcomes for Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Find out more about BMD’s Bu’ra’ngam PPE shirt in our video here.

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