Improving transport links and connecting people.

BMD has a strong history of improving transport links to better connect communities through building and maintaining bridges in all forms. Our teams are highly experienced in building complex overpasses, road and pedestrian bridges to improve traffic efficiencies.

We pride ourselves on evolving construction methods and delivering value-adds to reduce traffic impact within highly trafficked urban corridors, reduce construction schedules, improve the life span of structures, involve communities within remote and regional locations or reduce maintenance costs.

BMD has the capacity to complete all elements of bridge construction from the supply of precast concrete elements, to self supporting bridge structures built using the cantilever method, to incrementally launching bridges to alleviate environmental impact or ease access requirements.

Our solid history in delivering bridge infrastructure spans challenging environments including:

  • over rail
  • over water
  • within complex road overpasses
  • within highly trafficked urban corridors
  • within remote and regional locations.

Innovative construction methods

BMD works in close collaboration with clients and partners identifying opportunities to significantly improve designs, plans, construction methodologies and practices to ensure best for project outcomes.

With the in-house civil and structural engineering expertise of BMD project teams, comes innovative design and construct solutions to exceed client and community expectations. Our emphasis on strong working relationships is filtered through project teams and management processes and techniques.