Oil & Gas

Delivering oil and gas projects within live, operating environments.

BMD is experienced in the delivery of major civil and industrial infrastructure for the oil and gas sector within Australia. Through a focused and performance-driven workforce, BMD understands our role in maintaining productivity by working effectively alongside active oil and gas operations.

Our clients benefit from this expertise with project challenges overcome, efficiencies realised through lessons learnt, unwavering quality benchmarks, and projects delivered to the highest safety standards.

Working in live, operating environments

Understanding the need to construct safely, while maintaining our clients’ operations, means BMD is able to effectively stage works, delineate work sites, manage nearby stakeholders and ingress and egress from secure areas, without incident.

Our experience working in technically challenging, live environments means we are well equipped to understand the operational requirements of our clients. We use a collaborative contracting model to communicate consistently and effectively with all stakeholders to ensure we are minimising the impacts of constructions on the ongoing operations of the sites we are working in.

By maintaining honest and cooperative communication we identify risks and opportunities and implement mitigation measures to effectively manage the requirements of individual projects.