8 September 2023

Work ramps up on the Fitzroy River Bridge

BMD Constructions, in alliance with Main Roads Western Australia, Georgiou and BG&E have reached a major milestone on the new Fitzroy River Bridge project, with the installation of the bridge deck now underway.

Located in Australia’s Kimberley region, the project involves the construction of a new two-lane bridge over the Fitzroy River, which will be around six times as strong and almost 100 metres longer than the former bridge and will include a shared path for pedestrians and cyclists.

All seven piers are now in place and using an incremental technique, the bridge deck is being installed span by span from a launchpad located on the western side of the river. A new 36-metre segment will be positioned approximately every eight days and launched until installation of the 270 metre long bridge is complete.

This engineering method was used to alleviate the impact of rising water levels during the next wet season, with the bridge able to reach completion, even when the river is flowing.

In addition to restoring this critical link across the Fitzroy River which was damaged in floods associated with ex-tropical Cyclone Ellie, the project is set to leave a lasting and sustainable legacy, creating skills development and economic opportunities for those who live and work in Fitzroy Crossing and the wider community.

The bridge also features traditional Aboriginal artwork on the nose that guides the bridge deck onto the piers, with the project team engaging 10 talented local students from Fitzroy Valley District High School who worked over two days to created the seven-metre long artwork.

The Fitzroy River Bridge Alliance along with Main Roads, has been working closely with local Traditional Owners and to date, the project has provided employment for more than 100 members of the local community, with around a quarter of total crew hours delivered by Aboriginal people.

Click here to read the joint ministerial media release.


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