Celebrating International Women’s Day at BMD

Today, BMD proudly stands alongside the global community in celebrating International Women’s Day. As a business, we recognise the significance of gender equity and strive to make it a foundation of our commitment to inclusivity.

Currently, 19% of our BMD family consists of remarkable women, a testament to the progress we’ve made. However, we also acknowledge the ongoing need for improvement.

This International Women’s Day, we are shining a light on some of the remarkable women of BMD to gain an insight into their journey in the construction industry and the significant impact they are making as they forge their careers.

Together, we continue our journey towards a more balanced and thriving future.

As Operations Manager, Energy for QLD/NT, I focus on energy transition-related projects from tendering to delivery. In this growing commercial scale sector, we look to connect projects related to wind, solar, battery, hydrogen, critical minerals and civil infrastructure.


Why I entered the industry…

The tangible aspects of seeing efforts translated physically attracted me to construction. I love team environments, witnessing a team work on a project for a common outcome. The opportunities to travel and have international experiences also captivated me.

Cristina Munoz
Operations Manager, Energy - QLD/NT, BMD Constructions

As Construction Manager for BMD Constructions in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, my role involves guiding and supporting projects, from precontracts through to delivery. As part of this, I am responsible for promoting the BMD Way to achieve HSEQ Excellence, meeting regulatory requirements and achievement of program and financial objectives.


Why I entered the industry…

I was attracted to the construction industry as I enjoy being in a team (having participated in team sports), delivering infrastructure projects that benefit society and will outlive me, working with large items of plant (including big dozers, excavators, dump trucks and cranes), and the variety of projects and career paths available.

Justine Paragreen
Construction Manager - VIC/SA/TAS, BMD Constructions

As a Contracts Administrator at BMD Urban, I review, negotiate and manage contracts for our projects. Collaborating with diverse stakeholders, I align our commercial objectives with the broader goals of the company.


Why I entered the industry…

Recruited into construction, I explored various sites, finding joy in witnessing project delivery. Working on major and minor projects showcased diverse methodologies. Opportunities underground and high up in tower cranes fuelled my passion, for which I am truly grateful.

Kiersten Graae
Contracts Administrator, BMD Urban

I work as the Proposals Lead in the precontracts team, bidding on infrastructure projects in NSW and ACT. My role involves working with a variety of stakeholders to develop winning strategies showcasing BMD’s capabilities across diverse sectors.


Why I entered the industry…

After university, I never considered the construction industry, assuming it didn’t align with my qualifications in Media and Communications. The industry’s growth and career development opportunities eventually drew me in and I love the fast-paced nature of my work.

Kirsten Wade
Proposals Lead, BMD Constructions

As a Human Resources Business Partner for BMD Urban, I lead an awesome team of HR professionals delivering services, advice and strategies nationally. Our varied days include everything from recruitment and selection to employee engagement, retention, performance management, conduct/disciplinary and industrial relations.


Why I entered the industry…

Honest admission – I joined the heavy industry for the opportunity to earn good money! During the mining boom, I started my career at an engineering consultancy in the mining space. Eventually, I took on a site-based (FIFO) HR role on a joint venture construction project in South Australia, where I loved the pace and being part of a team turning a patch of land into major mining infrastructure.

Morgan Moy
Human Resources Business Partner - Urban, BMD Group

I am currently the General Manager of Finance and Audit, overseeing financial reporting, tax compliance, and internal audit for the BMD Group in Australia, the UK and Philippines. My role involves collaboration with internal stakeholders to ensure business strategies are delivered.


Why I entered the industry…

I was initially drawn to the BMD brand’s stability and aligned values. The construction industry’s diversity and offering of opportunities for various educational backgrounds, fascinated me. My career in construction has allowed me to contribute to something bigger, where I feel I am constantly learning new skills, and making a positive impact on local communities.

Simone Gooding
General Manager Finance and Audit, BMD Group

I’ve been a Project Engineer at BMD for almost three years, working on three construction projects spanning across Perth & Brisbane. It’s been a valuable journey, has offered me a great exposure and experience.


Why I entered the industry…

I was drawn to the field of construction as I thrive on overcoming challenges and witnessing the transformation of raw plans into built. Working within constraints such as time and budget requires strategic decision-making, which constantly engages and motivates me. Despite the demanding nature of the work, the satisfaction that follows successful completion makes it rewarding.

Stella Zolfghar
Project Engineer, BMD Constructions

I am the lead Safety Coordinator in South Australia. My role is to support, coordinate and provide training to my safety team when it comes to managing site issues. I also assist the Proposals team by providing up to date health and safety statistics and report on all aspects of safety to identify trends.


Why I entered the industry

My entry into the construction industry was influenced by my father, a strong advocate for Women in Civil long before it became a widespread movement. One night, he shared an opportunity with me – a chance to contribute to breaking gender barriers in the field. Intrigued by the prospect and being a hands-on individual, I embraced the opportunity wholeheartedly. Little did I know, this introduction would lead to a lasting passion for the industry.

Tammy Cooper
Safety Coordinator, BMD Urban

As the Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Manager for VIC/SA/TAS, I lead the team in executing strategic communications to engage stakeholders across our projects. I also oversee Expressions of Interest and Tenders for projects, ensuring effective stakeholder engagement, communications, and corporate social responsibility practices are integrated.


Why I entered the industry…

The dynamic nature of construction projects, coupled with the opportunity to facilitate effective communication between stakeholders, drew me in. The challenge of balancing diverse interests while ensuring clarity and collaboration resonated with my passion for fostering understanding and driving positive outcomes in complex environments.

Tanya Barmby
Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Manager for VIC/SA/TAS, BMD Constructions

As a Civil Designer at Empower, I am responsible for using technology to producer high-end designs for a wide variety of civil construction projects.


Why I entered the industry…

I originally worked as a Structure Engineer in China, and I fell into the construction industry by chance when I moved to Australia. I’ve been in the industry for over two years now and love it. What I’ve enjoyed the most is how friendly and collaborative my peers are – it really motivates me.

Yeli Lin
Civil Designer, Empower

As the Project Director at Urbex in the Northern Territory, I lead the development, planning, design, and delivery of Urbex’s masterplanned residential communities. My focus is on delivering projects to the highest standards, and I am passionate about what we do, who we do it with, and how we do it.


Why I entered the industry…

Early in my career, I realised my interest lay more in the delivery side than the marketing aspect of developments. Determined to showcase my capabilities, I worked hard to be at the decision-making table and over 15 years later, I remain deeply committed to the industry and haven’t looked back.

Kassi Picken
Project Director, Urbex