Australian Capital Territory


Suburban Land Agency


September 2014 - November 2015


$22.1 million




The scope of work included:

  • 145,000m3 of earthworks
  • construction of kerbs, driveways and roads including over 6 kilometres of pavement
  • installation of 8000 metres of sewer
  • installation of 8700 metres of stormwater
  • installation of 6200 metres of water main
  • installation of 12,000 metres of subsoil drainage
  • construction of a pond, wetland areas and two GPTs
  • street landscape works including topsoiling, grassing and, native and exotic tree planting.


Combining the overarching business management system of the BMD Group effectively with the project team’s management experience, the project was able to benchmark high performance and deliver several key outcomes to the client. Cost savings were achieved through substantial re-use of onsite materials and accelerated programming delivered the project three months ahead of schedule.

Despite having over 600 workers, 135,000 work hours and multiple subcontractor’s onsite during the project’s duration, BMD recorded zero lost time injuries.

Environmental protection was of upmost importance to the project team. BMD implemented fauna gates and undertook weekly fauna checks and inspections to ensure minimal disruption to the environment and allow for safe access across the site. The project team also worked together to avoid traffic congestion, reduce pollution, and minimise noise on neighbouring roads. Sustainable initiatives for recycling onsite rock and concrete waste materials were also introduced.

Relationships with the client, superintendent, subcontractors, suppliers and other key stakeholders remained positive throughout the project despite the challenges. The collaborative approach drove innovation throughout the delivery phase to help overcome all challenges faced.


Master Builders Association ACT

Excellence in Building Award for Civil – Subdivision