October 2014 - October 2015


$37 million




BMD’s scope of work included:

  • construction of a 2.3 kilometre long holding track and associated turnouts at Aldoga
  • triplication of 3.5 kilometres of the North Coast Line through Yarwun, providing a new connection into the Wiggins Island Balloon Loop (WICET Spur)
  • major alterations to two sets of existing crossovers leading into Gladstone to allow for the triplication
  • upgrade of the local ballast siding
  • upgrades of the existing local and state-owned road network
  • replacement of rail formation
  • replacement of two existing culverts
  • construction of four new bridges
  • bulk earthworks and drainage works.


BMD delivered all civil aspects of the project, including four new bridges, earthworks, drainage, formation works, access upgrades, foundations and associated furniture.
Being the final project in the WIRP scheme which incorporated eight major projects and many other minor packages over a period of more than five years, Segment 2 was considered key to completion and final commissioning of the entire WIRP scheme.

BMD Constructions fostered a collaborative approach with the client, Aurizon and the several other track and systems commissioning teams. This allowed all crucial deadlines throughout the project to be met. The first coal train travelling through to the WICET Spur arrived on time and the WIRP scheme was completed on schedule.

Although the project team was undertaking 12 months of high risk construction activities, a strong safety culture enabled them to deliver 200,000 hours lost time injury free.

BMD Constructions’ work in Segment 2, allowed the client to increase the capacity of a vital link between the coal terminal and mines in the southern Bowen and Surat Basins.