Major Road Projects Victoria


January 2023-current


$222 million


In progress


BMD Constructions is delivering Stage 1 of the Mickleham Road Upgrade for Major Road Projects Victoria (MRPV).

Mickleham Road is a key arterial in Melbourne’s north, providing a critical connection between local suburbs and the Tullamarine Freeway. Mickleham Road is used by more than 25,000 vehicles each day.

The$222 million upgrade represents the fourth project BMD Constructions has won under MRPV’s Program Delivery Approach (PDA) model and is being delivered alongside design partner Mott MacDonald.

Major construction on Stage 1 of the Mickleham Road Upgrade commenced in March 2023 and is expected to be complete by mid- 2025.


 The scope of works for the project includes:

  • extra lanes on Mickleham Road between Somerton Road and Dellamore Boulevard, in Greenvale
  • construction of two new traffic light intersections at Somerton Road and Aitken College
  • upgrades to two existing traffic light intersections at Hillview Road and Dellamore Boulevard
  • drainage, roadside safety, and barrier provisions
  • construction of a shared walking and cycling path on the western and eastern sides of Mickleham Road between Somerton Road and Dellamore Boulevard
  • installation of street lighting, road signage, line marking, public transport priority facilities and bus stop provisions
  • landscaping and urban design
  • protection, modification and relocation of gas, sewer, power, NBN and water services.


Early contractor involvement through the collaborative contracting model with MRPV has already led to two Australian-first initiatives on the project.

The first being the successful trial of MAX-SAFE technology, an innovative safety system that incorporates automatic detection systems within heavy vehicles, ensuring that operators inside the cabin are promptly notified when vulnerable road users are in close proximity.

With a high level of pedestrian traffic from surrounding schools, the advanced side view technology, driven by artificial intelligence and smart cameras, is specifically designed to identify these vulnerable road users, making it capable of distinguishing them from other objects or obstructions to increase safety measures during delivery.

In addition, the project is the first in Australia to utilise the Zero Waste System (ZWS) Patriot, a filtration system designed to recycle waste for re-use on other parts of the project. The ZWS Patriot filters and re-uses waste from non-destructive digging to ensure there is zero waste or landfill during construction. The process involves the ZWS Patriot filtering the waste and separating dirt from water, allowing the water to be re-used on site, and the recycled dirt to be used as topsoil for landscaping at the end of the project.

Map of Mickleham Road Project - Stage 1
Map of Mickleham Road Project - Stage 1