Townsville City Council


November 2019 – February 2020


$5.1 million




The scope of work included:

  • 750m3 of bulk earthworks
  • construction of 130, 3.6 metre bearers and 1560, 3 metre joists including – 8500 stainless steel bolts
  • installation of 2250 decking boards with 60,000 decking screws
  • construction of 500m2 concrete footpath
  • installation of 350 bollards
  • laying of 6500m2 of turf
  • laying of 15,000m2 of hydromulch
  • installation of 400 metres of stainless steel handrail and balustrade panels
  • installation of 260 LED pilot lights in handrail
  • upgrade to stormwater infrastructure
  • removal and replacement of sections of the aging stormwater network under the boardwalk including stormwater outlets located below the high tide mark
  • upgrade to street lighting infrastructure
  • installation of CCTV infrastructure.


The project was located in an environmentally sensitive area, adjacent to Ross Creek, and was previously used as a local landfill. To ensure no harmful impacts to the environment, all unsuitable materials were transported offsite and an aquatic silt curtain was installed in Ross Creek. Cofferdams were also installed to manage the 3.5 metre tidal changes of the creek.

JMac proposed an alternative methodology to the client which resulted in substantial time savings and a cost saving of $100,000.