New South Wales


Western Sydney International Airport


December 2022 – current


$112 million


In progress

BMD Constructions is contracted to design and construct the airside apron and civil works as a subcontractor to Multiplex, who is delivering the Terminal and Speciality Service package for Western Sydney International Airport. The project involves extensive design and construction interfaces with fellow contractors and subcontractors.

With works forecasted to be completed in mid-2024, the new international airport will establish routes for domestic and international, cargo services, and will accommodate 10 million passengers a year.


  • supply and installation of apron pavement, including 25,000m3 structural fill subbase, 30 000m3 cement-treated base course, 145,000m2 seal and 145,000m2 concrete pavement
  • supply and installation of apron drainage, including 2.5 kilometres of reinforced concrete pipes (RCP) and pits, 1.2 kilometres of apron slot drains and flame trap pits, pavement subsoil drainage and six oil interceptor tanks
  • supply and installation of 5 kilometres of utilities for apron electrical and communication provisions
  • supply and installation of 2.3 kilometres of potable and fire mains including hydrants and eye wash
  • supply and installation of apron floodlighting
    – line marking.


  • Due to the project scope, extensive communication is required with contractors at tie in points and subcontractors engaged by Multiplex. To limit confusion and ensure project success, three Interface Coordination Documents (ICD) were completed to maintain constant interface and coordination of the project design, and execution of work.
  • A propellor (a drone software package which provides images of site, design, and level information) has been provided by BMD and is used for planning and communication of information in client coordination meetings.
  • The team developed an industry best practice procedure for concrete sampling from tippers using an excavator instead of personnel accessing the tipper bin.