Middlemount Coal


April 2015 – November 2015


$13.5 million




  • design and construction of a new pump station
  • construction of 14 kilometres of DICL pipeline and associated concrete structures including installation of scour valves, air valves and thrust blocks
  • design, supply and installation of break tanks including earthworks, concrete works and tank connection
  • supply and installation of 8.5 kilometres of 66 kilovolt overhead line
  • design, supply and installation of all pump station electrical works including installation of conduits, lighting, cathodic protection, earth grids, switch boards, transformers, PLC, SCADA and a 66 kilovolt switch yard
  • recovery of existing power line and associated materials including HV board and transformers
  • commissioning of pump station
  • construction of all associated civil works including access roads, drainage, fencing, temporary water lines and a wash down bay
  • demolition of the existing pump station.


Sediment and erosion control measures were implemented to ensure minimum runoff and erosion to adjacent farms, with the project team regularly liaising with local farmers to assist with reinstating their fences and diverting or extending their water supply as required. Weekly environmental inspections were completed throughout the project, with no environmental incidents recorded.

Works were completed in an active mine site, with BMD’s team working alongside mine operations. Though the project team’s commitment to health and safety excellence, 63,153 hours were worked with no lost time or recordable injuries.


Queensland Mining Contractor Awards

Project Innovation