Department of Defence


June 2016 - August 2016


$9.3 million




The scope of work included:

  • re-sheeting and repair works of nominated asset roads, non-asset roads and free trails
  • reinstating damage to pipes and headwalls
  • clearing of all pipe crossings
  • clearing of floodways and construction of rock scour protection
  • reshaping portions of the non-asset roads to allow sheet flow
  • re-trimming table drains that are damaged by erosion
  • re-constructing and remediating whoa-boy.


The BMD Constructions team was required to manage several challenges on the project including the safety of all personnel and the surrounding environment. This included the appropriate management of environmental and climatic factors considering the location of the site alongside a protected marine area and the potential for extreme weather conditions due to the project’s locality to tropical north Queensland.

In addition, due to the project’s remote location, the team established and maintained a 60-man onsite camp with associated facilities as well as incorporating provisions for appropriate evacuation plans. Policies regarding personnel working along and operating plant and equipment on isolated and unsealed roads were also implemented to complement the extensive communications program to ensure the safety of all in an expansive site area. The project team also complied with all site security requirements set out by the Department of Defence and provided appropriate access to the facility by managing access and egress.

By successfully managing these challenges the project works were able to be delivered within a very tight timeline of 12 weeks, which enabled pre-planned training activities to take place in the area.