South Australia


Wakerop Pty Ltd


October 2009 - August 2010


$11 million



As an experienced contractor, BMD negotiated a myriad of considerations as part of the large site and multi-storey building contract.


The scope of work included:

  • forming, pouring and finishing of 21,000m2 of concrete to construct the car park decks and internal ramps
  • erection of 900 tonnes of steel
  • construction of lift shafts and installation of lifts
  • construction of a mixed faade system including precast panels, perforated metal screens, and alpolic and bondor panelling.


This building comprises 900 tonnes of steel erected in three months through the adoption of an unconventional topdown methodology that expedited the construction program, mitigated safety issues, and eliminated the need for a fixed onsite tower crane. The eastern and western lift cores were progressed with custom built jump forms, while 30 metre long columns were connected with tie beams on the ground and subsequently erected in single lifts.

BMD worked closely with the client and delivered several construction and finish alternatives which provided cost savings, as well as time savings with the entire project completed in 40 weeks.